Learning from the Field

Strength in Numbers: Linking Health Facilities and Communities to Improve Immunization

This brief focuses on key findings from operational research conducted on Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles, highlighting how the RED-QI approach encouraged greater facility-community linkages through engagement in PDSA cycles. (2018)



Cover of Case Study 3Routine Immunization Tools Used for Analysis and Decision Making at the Toga Health Post

This case study examines how health extension workers at a health post in SNNP Region collect, monitor, analyze, and use their data to make informed decisions to improve routine immunization services in their community. (2015)



Cover of Case Study 2Health Extension Workers’ Contributions to Strengthening Routine Immunization in One Woreda

This case study highlights the contributions that health extension workers make to routine immunization services in Hintalo Wajerate Woreda of Tigray Region. (2014)



Cover-of-Case-Study-1Health Facility Based Experience Share Programs & Peer Learning Opportunities

This case study conducted in Hintalo Wajerate Woreda of Tigray Region, highlights the implementation of peer learning methods and the impact of the peer learning process on woreda health staff and communities. (2013)