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Program Overview

Project Infographic: Results Snapshot

This infographic details how the RED-QI approach improved the health system’s capacity to plan, reach, and deliver immunization services to children in rural, remote, and pastoralist regions of Ethiopia. (2021)

RED-QI Explainer

This document explains the RED-QI approach in detail and how it was applied in Ethiopia. (2021)

Pro-Equity Approaches

Key Strategies for Bridging the Equity Gap for Immunization in Ethiopia

Through a series of four briefs, UI-FHS outlines key strategies for bridging the equity gap for immunization in Ethiopia. JSI’s approach addressed inequity in immunization programming from the ground up, working at the facility, district, and regional levels to carry out the following three strategies: (1) engaging communities in health programming, (2) building health workforce capacity to plan, implement and monitor immunization services, and (3) enhancing workers’ use and management of data. (2021).

Download the summary brief

Download brief 1 on community engagement

Download brief 2 on capacity building

Download brief 3 on data use

Mobilizing Local Support for Immunization: Experience from Uganda and Ethiopia in engaging local stakeholders and leaders

This brief outlines JSI’s experience in Uganda and Ethiopia to strengthen subnational level teamwork between the health personnel typically responsible for immunization and the non-health stakeholders who are in a position to support it. (2019)

Equity Analysis of Immunization Programming in Ethiopia’s Developing Regional States

This brief contains summary results from an equity analysis conducted using existing data sources. (2021)

Research & Assessments

Sustaining Immunization Gains for All Communities in Ethiopia

This report describes the methodology and findings of an inquiry on the elements of RED-QI that were sustained beyond direct technical support, and the factors that contributed to the continuation (or non-continuation) of these activities. (2020) Download the summary report; Download the full report

Combined Immunization Coverage and Serology Surveys in three woredas in Ethiopia

This document briefly summarizes the methodology and results from combined surveys conducted at baseline and after RED-QI implementation that sought to understand why disease outbreaks were occurring in areas with high reported coverage. (2019)

Mid-Program Review: Lessons learned in immunizing remote populations on the move

This brief report summarizes results from a mid-program review conducted in Afar and Somali regions to improve the operationalization of RED-QI in pastoralist contexts, examine contextual factors that influence implementation, and assess factors that might hinder or facilitate sustainability. (2018)

Linking Health Facilities and Communities Improves Routine Immunization

This brief focuses on key findings from operational research conducted on the use of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles, highlighting how the RED-QI approach encouraged greater facility-community linkages. (2018)

Ethiopia Urban Immunization Assessment

This report summarizes findings from an assessment conducted to understand the capacity of the urban health system in Addis Ababa to deliver high-quality immunization services to urban poor populations. (2021)

Lessons Learned Implementation and Scalability in Ethiopia and Uganda

This report documents the implementation and scale-up of the RED-QI approach in Ethiopia and Uganda. The report documents the steps in moving from pilot projects to scale; identifies RED-QI tools and practices that worked well and were “scalable” and sustainable; and examines the context and conditions that affected implementation and scale-up of the RED-QI components. The lessons learned from our experiences will inform how the approach can be tailored to strengthen routine immunization in other countries. (2021)

Capacity Strengthening

Regional Health Bureau (RHB) Capacity-Building Assessment Summary Report

This brief summarizes assessment findings of the effects of Regional Health Bureau technical assistance on immunization program management and service delivery. (2021)

Moving Beyond the Classroom: Strategies for Building the Capacity of Ethiopian Health Workers

This report describes an applied learning activity that identified promising capacity building initiatives in the Ethiopian health sector. The report includes evidence-based recommendations to address gaps in immunization training and overall health sector capacity building. (2020)

Data Use

Triangulating Immunization Program and Supply Data 

This brief presents lessons learned from introducing a data review process and an Excel tool for triangulating immunization program data and vaccine supply data to improve data quality and programmatic decision making. (2021)


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